The Everything’s Coming Up Rosie Award

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Rosalie Albright was an original Biz Kid performing in 8 productions, multiple classes and assisting behind the scenes for almost every show between 2012 and 2016. Rosie was diagnosed with the genetic disease Cystic Fibrosis at birth in June of 2000. July 14, 2014, Rosie received a life saving double lung transplant. In August 2015 Rosie’s body was in full rejection and she took her final bow May 4, 2016.

Throughout her battles, she never stopped performing. During Once on This Island, when her old lungs were working at below  20% capacity, she had a chair and an oxygen tank placed in each wing. She would go on stage and perform as much as she could, leave the stage to put on her oxygen, recover and then return to the stage to perform in the next scene. You could always find Rosie backstage during the 6-12-year-old performances managing the younger performers. The bees from Winnie the Pooh nominated her their “Queen Bee”. Rosie also loved to tap.  She made a promise to Jeff Van Paris that after she got her new lungs she was going to take his tap class.  Not only did Rosie keep that promise, she tapped everywhere she went. From the aisles of Target to the hallways of the transplant clinic, Rosie was tapping. She took vocal lessons from Craig Whitcombe where she overcame her fear of solo performance and began to share her beautiful alto voice with the world.

The Everything’s Coming Up Rosie Award was created to recognize other performers who had the same drive and dedication to the theatre that Rosie possessed. Each year the directors of Biz productions nominate 1 male and 1 female performer from each of the 4 productions. Of those 8 nominees, one male and one female is chosen and presented the Everything’s Coming Up Rosie Award at the Everything’s Coming Up Rosie Dinner Theatre in January of the following year.

Congratulations to Madison and Henry

the 2016 recipients of the

Everything’s Coming Up Rosie Award